My interest in Thomas More’s Utopia was piqued by an invitation a few years ago to present a series of lectures on “Political Imagination” at Moscow State University under the auspices of the Fulbright Summer School in the Humanities. Long and fruitful conversations with Tatiana Venediktova, who invited me, as well as my Fulbright-Moscow colleagues and students, particularly Fredric Jameson and Susan Buck-Morss, were instrumental in launching and shaping this project. Along the way I’ve also benefitted greatly from the insights of Richard Sennett, Simon Critchley, Chiara Bottici, Dana Polan, Larry Bogad, Marguerite Day, Steve Lambert, Max Tremblay, and members of the Society for Utopian Studies. Open Utopia is as much an experiment in creating a new form of open publication as it is an edition of More’s original text and technical assistance, in everything from Latin translation to web design, has been invaluable. For this I’d like to thank Jake Butera, Hallie Franks, Andy Romig, Michael Dinwiddie, Keith Miller, Steve Hutkins, Burcu Baykurt, Fred Benenson, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Bob Stein, Charles Peyton, Dan Mogford, Stevphen Shukaitis and Matthew Willse.

Financial support for Open Utopia came from The Humanities Initiative at NYU and Dean Susanne Wofford of the Gallatin School, as well as all those who donated to this project through Kickstarter (and have waited so patiently for their rewards to arrive): Michael Mandiberg, Alexander Halavais, Chiori Miyagawa, Dominik Spicher, Shelia Germain, Rachel Hatch, Jason Lee, Peter Magurean III, Jason Strawsburg, Yoga Prakasa, Marita Sturken, Jonah Bossewitch, Fred Benenson, Robert Ransick, James Turnbull, Caren Litherland, Douglas Lain, Emily May, Oraia Reid, Michael S. Russell, Juliet Linderman, Sarah Peters, Susana Ruiz, Francesca Fiorentini, Nora Ligorano, Stephanie Pereira, Kavita Kulkarni, Jen Heuson, Jake Dunagan, David Darts, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Mark Leger, Christopher Phillips, Jen Angel, S. Clements, Packard Jennings, Bert, Ward Sutton, Chen, Winnie Fung, Karl Fogel, Daniel Latorre, Daniele Bartoccioni, Talisa Chang, Marina Sitrin, Beka Economopoulos, Andrew Boyd, Laura McGough, Marisa Jahn, Paul Bartlett, Astra Taylor, Chuck “Yeo,” Bethene Trexel and Jon Tenney, Ben Shepard, Ambrosia Day, Max Tremblay, Parker Higgins, Karen Hornick, Grace Goodman, Frederique, Justin Kazmark, Peder Anker, Steve Lambert, Joseph DeLappe, Stuart Candy, Ian Condry, Rob Walker, Ron Hayduk, Nina Yiamsamatha, Vanessa Liu, Carol Ciavonne, Jacqueline Le Put, Sam Ewen, Hed Cohen, William Coyle, Eve Mosher, Steven Thomas, Tommy Connell, Amanda McDonald Crowley, Maita van der Mark, Susan Chun, Lukas Korsika, Laura Newman, Mike Rugnetta, Michael J. Raymond, Midori, Xavier Scheuer, Randy Martin, Carl Skelton, Ralph S. Daniels, Kelly Moore, Ivan Askwith, Marcy Robinson, Josh Glenn, Alex Vitale, Rebecca Uchill, everyone at Breakthrough TV and Giant Squid Press, and, of course, “Sir Thomas More” (aka Zack Winestine).

Support of the most essential kind was provided by Jean Railla and our two irrepressibly Utopianist boys: Sydney and Sebastien.