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Social Book, created by the Institute for the Future of the Book, is a social reading platform that allows reader to add their own commentary to texts, share these ideas with others, follow others’ comments, and create communities of interactive reader/writers.

Open Utopia is a pilot project of Social Book. To join in the discussion all you need to do is follow the link below. Clicking here you’ll be asked to create an account with Social Book, entering your user name, biographical information (if you wish), e-mail address and a password. You’ll also be asked to upload a picture. Once you’ve done all this you’ll be taken directly to Open Utopia and the book will automatically be shelved in your library. Open the book, read, and add your own notes and comment upon those left by others. Discuss Utopia with the full Open Utopia community, or create your own group for a class or circle of friends.

Read & Discuss on Social Book »

The basics are pretty easy to master, but to get the full experience of Open Utopia as a Social Book, it’s useful to spend a few minutes looking through these simple instructions. Instructions for Social Book »

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