• Introduction: Open Utopia
  • Four Verses in the Utopian Tongue
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  • Anemolius, a Short Meter of Utopia
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  • Gerard Geldenhouwer, of Utopia
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  • Cornelius Graphey, to the Reader 
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  • Thomas More to Peter Giles (prefatory epistle)
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  • Book I
  • Book II.1
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  • Book II.2
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  • Thomas More to Peter Giles
  • Erasmus to John Froben
  • Peter Giles to Jerome de Busleyden
  • Guillaume Bude to Thomas Lupset
  • Jerome de Busleyden to Thomas More
  • John Desmarais to Peter Giles
  • Beatus Rhenanus to Willibald Pirckheimer

Raphael Hythloday: L.M. Bogad
Thomas More: Michael Dinwiddie
Four Verses in the Utopian Tongue: Andrew Romig
odds and ends: Stephen Duncombe